The MTGA 2000 Series Semi Portable Base Station is a modular, standalone, fully self-supporting unit initially designed to support a single or multi sector LTE system including microwave backhaul, or any other high-power communications requirements. All units are designed and manufactured to your specifications in our Western Australian workshop, allowing for direct access from design to deployment.

The 2000 series base station is designed to effectively be a standard tower replacement eliminating the need for costly site services, site engineering and deployment into a semi mobile, self-sustaining easily deployable and low relative cost solution.

The 2000 series is a modular style base station solution, which can utilize between 14 and 42 high-efficiency solar panels in an array designed for safety in deployment of the panels as well as quick and easy site establishment. The array configuration means that the base station is relatively compact and eliminates an elaborate set up and pack down process for multiple solar panels.

The 2000 series base station can support up to 4000 watts of continuous power draw with an effective redundancy of three to four days on batteries, or more when adding further modular units, with a further five days on generator power.

The base station typically utilizes a standalone mast in the standard design ranging from 65ft (20m) upwards.

The 2000 Series Semi Portable Base Station operates on a 24-hour continuous use basis. All components are rated for use under harsh mine site environment conditions.

MTGA have utilised an air-conditioned shelter or rack for the communication equipment and batteries, which maintains all equipment and power supplies below 95 Degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius).

The MTGA 2000 Series Semi Portable Base Station is an innovative, intelligent and cost-effective design that meets communications requirements requested from our clients.