The MTGA Gard 8 boom gate skid is a mobile traffic control solution designed to support approximately 10 – 60 Watts of continuous power draw with an effective redundancy of up to 6 days on batteries alone. There are two 120Ah deep cycle AGM batteries providing 12V and 24V. These 26ft (8m) boom length skids are designed to handle the harsh mining environments and are generally maintenance free. Our clients typically utilize skids of this nature for traffic control into the autonomous operating zone of the mine.

This solution utilizes one high-efficiency 435-Watt solar panel which can be rotated to any orientation in order to allow for the boom gate to also be deployed in any orientation, and one Came Gard 8 boom gate which can be remotely triggered by a vehicle mounted switch or hand held fob. The Gard 8 boom gate skid features a sealed waterproof battery box that houses the batteries and control panel.

Weighing approximately 1300 lbs. (600kg) this skid can withstand winds of 50 – 71 mph (80 -115 km/h). The enclosure is mild steel powder coated with the dimensions 600 x 600 x 300mm.

The basic operation of the boom gate is designed to operate with a radio receiver so that it can be signaled by an approaching vehicle. An ultrasonic sensor detects the passing vehicle underneath the boom and holds it up until the vehicle has passed. The ultrasonic sensor will stop the boom gate from closing on a vehicle if it senses one by restarting a timer controlling close time. This allows for a safe operation of the boom gate ensuring it will not close on vehicles. The user can also manually signal the boom gate to come down by a second press of the gate button.