MTGA has extensive experience in delivering outcomes for projects in the mining industry. We have a team of engineers and technicians who have multidisciplinary expertise across mining, mechatronics/electronics and communications. Our specific experience across mining automation allows clients to safely expedite their autonomous vehicle deployment planning and undertake an implementation of vehicle autonomy with greater confidence, cheaper cost, and faster transfer of skillsets. Our business case analysis skillset, benefits from working experience on AHS projects for multiple years including retrospective reconciliation of implementations.

Some of the projects in which we have participated include:

  • Business case analysis, Feasibility studies, Operational readiness and Front End Execution assessments for clients in the American, Africa, European and Australian regions
  • The first autonomous haulage system implementation in the Pilbara region of Western Australia in 2008 and each of the other ten implementations;
  • Cost-benefit business case analysis of AHS for both greenfields and brownfields mining operations covering commodities of iron ore, gold and copper-gold, coal, oil sands, nickel and bauxite;
  • The first high-precision GPS deployment in Australia for machine guidance;
  • The first fleet-wide implementation of autonomous surface drills in Australia with a complement of nine operating units;
  • The first operating installation of Long-Term Evolution (LTE or 4G) site communications network at an Australian mine site.
  • Australia’s first public application of mass-market vehicle autonomy with the Perth trial of a small autonomous passenger bus.

Implementing Innovation