The artic boom gate trailer is essentially a boom gate mounted on a trailer and can utilize various different gates depending on your circumstances. A 3KW generator powers the trailer and is plugged directly to the batteries keeping them topped up. The 22 gallon (100L) tank allows up to 14 days redundancy.

The artic boom gate trailer houses eight 6v 225AH batteries and is capable of operating for 2 days without charge. The batteries are housed in an ergonomically designed sliding drawer to provide ease of access for inspection or replacement.

The arctic boom gate trailer is available with either AC or DC outputs and features one IP rated cabinet for all components. Both the electrical cabinet and battery tray are insulated by high density foam to retain internal heat from the electrical components inside the trailer, so they do not freeze in the harsh cold climate.

The trailer is also equipped with a 16ft (5m) mast perfect for mounting up to 260W flood lights to ensure vehicles can see the gate, or mounting cameras to monitor the comings and goings of the area.

Included are all standard safety features such as, wheel chocks, high vis powder coating and tape, indication lights, inertial braking system and a night safety beacon. In addition, there is a large outrigger footprint to ensure high wind stability as well as being towable by any light vehicle and is designed to run autonomously once deployed.