MTGA manufactures and maintains a series of rugged wireless communication trailers and base stations available in multiple power configurations and mast sizes. We manufacture a light, medium and heavy-duty trailer as well as high-powered portable base stations designed to cater for different demands of network communications on remote mine sites. All units are fabricated in our MTGA MTGA workshopto ensure quality and durability in the field as well as ease of access during the design and construction phase.

We work with your team to design a communications system to meet the current and future communication needs for your remote mine sites.

Current trailer and base station design specifications fall in the range outlined below, however MTGA will custom design a communications solution to meet your specific requirements ensuring they meet regulatory approval. Our products feature:

Our products feature:

  • 654W – 5,880+ charge rate from 2 – 48+ high efficiency 245W – 400W solar panels.
  • High efficiency Schneider, Morningstar, or Outback solar regulators.
  • Linear actuator, hydraulic or cable extended mast ranging from 5m – 32m.
  • Rugged powder coated steel framed chassis design.
  • 4 – 96+ AGM deep cycle batteries.
  • Mine spec approved and risk level assessed.
  • 1 – 2 axle configuration under 2,000kg rated towing weight (trailers).
  • Safe, easy to use and effective sliding panel arrangements.

The trailers and base stations are currently used to operate: 

  • LTE and 802.11 WiFi networks.
  • Multiple wireless systems (WiFi, MESH) from multiple radio devices.
  • Mining systems dispatch, and autonomous haulage systems supported.
  • Back haul network supported.
  • Survey equipment for high precision GPS corrections.
  • CCTV surveillance.

All of our communications infrastructure units are delivered with the following supporting documentation:

  • Design specifications.
  • Operating manuals.
  • Engineering drawings.
  • Engineering report with wind loading calculations.
  • Maintenance schedule.

MTGA’s trailer design offers the highest continuous power output, and longest redundancy time of any trailer on the market under 2000kgs, which is towable by a light vehicle.

We have over 500 trailers and base stations at mine sites all over the world. MTGA trailers and base stations have proven themselves to exceed the expectations of communication trailers in some of the harshest environments on earth. We focus on durability and ease of deployment as the most important features required on a communication infrastructure in these environments.

MTGA infrastructure units have a low maintenance design with minimal input required from the user after deployment, excluding an annual heath check. The trailers are proven to stand the harsh test of an Australian mine site with all our deployed trailers still fully operational.

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